Accessing your registration entry to pay or modify skipper/crew information

I need to edit or finish paying for my registration. The system won't let me register again. How can I get access to my earlier registration?

When the skipper, or person filling out the form, registered, an email from the Host Yacht Club was sent to the address entered on the registration form containing a link to edit the registration (as well as crew if applicable).  The title of the email should have the subject of "Important Information About Your [Event Name] Entry".  You may need to check in your junk email or spam folder for this message.  

If the email has been deleted or is no longer available, you can request it again via the link below:

IMPORTANT:  If you have already paid for your registration, you will not be able to change or add fee related items to your original shopping cart as you have already checked out.  If this is the case, you will need to contact the Club or Host Organization so that they can assist you with a refund/cancellation of your original registration.  If this is approved, you will then be able to re-register.

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