Editing Fees

How can I edit a fee after registration has begun?

Once an entrant has registered and a fee has been placed in their cart, that fee can no longer be edited.  Doing so would could create a balance on their order (either negative or positive), which would adversely impact the profitability of your event.  When a fee has been initiated by an entrant, a warning is added to the "Edit Fee Options" page to warn the organizer of this situation: 

Fee Alert

The usually reasons for needing to revise a fee include a change or correction on the late fee date, a change in the fee for meals or merchandise, or a change in the registration fee.  If this occurs on your event, there are a couple of work arounds to resolve this situation, and allow you to change or update your fees. 

  1. If no payment has been received from the entrant for this fee, simply edit the registration to remove the fee from the cart for each entrant by either selecting another registration fee (ie - select double handed rather than single handed) or remove the meal or merchandise item from their cart.  Once the fee has been cleared from all carts, you will be able to edit or update your fees. 
  2. If one or more payment has been received, the alternative is to create a new (corrected) fee, and disable the old fee.  This will allow the entrants going forward to pay the correct amount, and you can refund or collect the difference from the entrants that paid the incorrect fee. 

As always, if you have any questions or need further assistance please feel free to contact us via email (support@regattanetwork.com) or by phone. 

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