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Orange arrow The registration form is telling me that my US Sailing Number is invalid or wrong.

  The two main causes of receiving a US Sailing number error are:1) Your US Sailing membership is not valid as of the date of the event. According to US Sailing Policy, you must have a membership that is valid on the date of the event, not just the date that you are registering. To renew you member...
Orange arrow I have a family membership with US Sailing and thought that my son/daughter could use that number when registering for an event. The system, however, is rejecting my number. What do they need to do i

  If your US Sailing membership is a family membership, you need to contact US SAILING (1-800-USSAIL1) and they will assign an individual member number for each family member. Return to registration and use the new member number for each family member you are attempting to register....
Orange arrow I am trying to register for a regatta, and it says that a US SAILING membership is required, how do I get one?

  Many events including US SAILING Championship, Junior Olympic Sailing Festivals and North American Championships require that entrants from the United States have a valid US SAILING membership for registration. Memberships are available from US SAILING online at:

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