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Orange arrow How can I manually add a registration (paper or walk in) to my event that was not submitted online?

  If you are accepting mail in registrations or taking in registrations on location on the day of the event, you can simply open the link to your entry form and fill out the necessary information. This link is most easily accessible from within the "Manage Event' main menu, under 'Web Applets' - jus...
Orange arrow Why does my event's registration form say that registration is not open?

  This Knowledge Base article is intended for event organizers. If you are trying to register for an event that is closed, please contact the event organizer to see if registration has closed or possible has not opened yet. -------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Orange arrow How can I edit a fee after registration has begun?

  Once an entrant has registered and a fee has been placed in their cart, that fee can no longer be edited. Doing so would could create a balance on their order (either negative or positive), which would adversely impact the profitability of your event. When a fee has been initiated by an entrant, ...
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Orange arrow I have registrants that are not being displayed on my public Current Registrants List, why are they missing?

  In most cases, missing registrants is due to the fact that you have your event setup to require immediate payment. This setting can be changed in the "Edit Event Information" section, under "Payment Options": ...
Orange arrow How do I add a registration discount based on a Regatta Networks Verified Club or Association Membership?

  For sometime now, Clubs and Associations who have taken advantage of the Regatta Networks Membership Module have been able to host events on Regatta Networks that allow only current and verified members. Due to recent requests, we've added a new type of discount within the fee system that can be a...
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Orange arrow I heard that you can score match races with the Regatta Network system but I don't seem to see that option listed under the scoring options.

  Match race scoring is a customized setup that requires contacting Regatta Network first. We ask that you do this so that we can help walk you through the initial setup for your first time. If you're interested in hosting a match race, please give us a call at 512.392.9091 and we'll be happy to he...

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